Warehousing and Logistics

Our head office is located conveniently between Europe Blvd. and European road E80, near the town of Bozhurishte, which allows quick access and short-term or long-term storage of goods. To provide maximum convenience to our customers, we have expanded and renovated our warehouse, which now amounts to 1,500 square meters of covered warehouse space.

Our trained specialists are always ready to help reduce warehousing and distribution costs.

Our warehouses are available 24/7, which allows us to offer constant access to a full range of warehousing operations.

We offer total quality control. Our specialists are always available to advise you or give you additional information.

Cargo Center Ltd. has a carrier license, which allows us to offer various services – cross-docking, consolidation, commissioning, delivery by car with a drop board, and more.

We offer flexible 3PL and 4PL solutions.

Simplifying logistics processes

The last stage of the supply chain is often the most critical, but it builds the overall look of your product to the customer. It is essential for us that the logistics process is not burdensome for you, and that is why we are constantly striving to simplify it. We take care to ensure the perfect flow of the last stage of the realization of your deliveries, providing you with safe storage and expeditious performance of additional services.

We have a carrier’s license and our trucks in Sofia, expanding our logistics capabilities. Our trucks have different capacities to be more mobile and reach any point in Sofia without any problems.

Diverse logistics services

For our clients, we offer value-added services to ensure the comprehensiveness of the process and convenience:

Acceptance of goods;

Storage of palletized and non-palletized goods temporarily and permanently;
Warehousing, inventory management, and quality control;
Picking and commissioning;

Cross-docking and consolidation;

Palletizing and depalletizing;
Labeling and sorting;
Shipment of orders and reporting;
Coordinating deliveries to retail customers, retail channels, and consumers;
Timely delivery of semi-finished and finished products;

Consultancy on inventory management.

Inquiries and more information

We are available whether you have a specific transport request or need to ask a question. Contact us by phone at +359 2 956 9455 or email at gb.re1716035392tneco1716035392grac@1716035392eciff1716035392o1716035392.