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Transport in Bulgaria

We offer groupage services and FTL (Full Truck Load) transport throughout the country. We use our trucks and our partners’ material-technical base, which allows us to offer flexible solutions.

International Transport

We organize FTL transport from/to the major economic centers in Europe. Our groupage services allow you to send partial loads and minimize your money and time costs.

Warehousing and Logistics

Our head office is located in a convenient location near the town of Bozhurishte. For the most excellent convenience of our customers in our warehouse, we offer round-the-clock access and a full range of warehousing operations.

About Us

At Cargo Center, we have been working in transport and logistics services for 14 years now. We offer our clients complex solutions in Bulgaria and Europe, strive to continuously improve the work process and quality management systems, and offer our employees favorable conditions and scope for development.


Individual approach

Personal attitude complements the professionalism of our team, and for us, it means understanding, honesty, and loyalty. Regardless size of the shipment, each client can contact our specialist directly from whom to receive timely, adequate, and accurate information and get a quote. We strive to help our small clients become large by providing them with a reliable partner for essential parts of their business.

Flexibility and convenience

Thanks to our reliable partner network, we can offer you a transport alternative to and from all countries in Europe, including the Asian part of Turkey. We strive to help our small clients become large by providing them with a reliable partner for essential aspects of their business. Since 2008 Cargo Center has been the exclusive representative of Cargo Trans Logistik, which allows cost optimization, flexibility in transport solutions, and meeting the diverse logistics needs of our customers.

Timely delivery

The supply chain is under constant pressure from the end-user, who wants to receive his goods at the right time without delay. We understand this, and to meet the individual needs of our customers, we take care to ensure the perfect flow of the last stage of deliveries’ realization. We offer an individual attitude, total transparency, and excellent knowledge of market conditions and the principles of international logistics.

Hard work and diligence

Our clients are both multinational companies and small local businesses. Regardless of your company size, we are always there to prepare an offer or consult you. Our long-term expertise and flexibility allow us to operate successfully in our work with various industries. We are a reliable partner of companies specializing in e-commerce, wholesale and retail, electronics, light and heavy industry, fashion, and others.


Competitive pricing

We strive to comply with each client’s specific requirements and achieve the optimal price in each situation. To this end, we are constantly improving route planning, simplifying internal processes, and coordinating the logistics services we offer with the capabilities of our warehouses and the material and technical base of our partners. We find solutions to make better use of resources and optimize costs throughout the supply chain.

Pursuit of innovation

The focus of our work is to offer transport services that simplify the work process of our customers. To find the best solution for each specific case and at the same time minimize costs, we are constantly striving to simplify the process of working by developing groupage lines and practical plans for the delivery of FTL. Our team strives for innovation, and our partners are always open for discussion.

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Our partners

For the last 14 years, at Cargo Center, we have been working on the principle of shared trust, as evidenced by our network of Bulgarian and foreign partners.

Our long-term representation of the German organization Cargo Trans Logistik (CTL) guarantees our professionalism and high standards. As its exclusive partner since 2008, we are connected with more than 170 associates in 34 European countries. This solid network of shipping and transport companies guarantees complete coverage and provides regular direct services throughout Europe.