Understanding the concept

Groupage refers to the widespread practice in international logistics for grouping smaller loads from different shippers and their subsequent transportation to varying recipients by a single-vehicle. This service is highly cost-effective and is suitable for customers who need to transport a small shipment but are not willing to pay for its transport, as it would be costly.

The operation of combining goods into a single groupage cargo is called consolidation, and the opposite activity upon arrival of the load and distribution of goods – dégroupage. It is a trustworthy process because we can transport small shipments and goods from different shippers to different recipients, using a single vehicle for all freight.

The concept of groupage is usually performed by shipping companies specializing in land (road, rail), sea, and air transport. The freight forwarder performs an essential function, and his task is very responsible, as he organizes the combination of goods in one cargo and is therefore responsible for any damage. Hence, his main job is to make sure that the goods are combined correctly, adjust the degree of danger, and avoid the wrong combinations, such as food and dangerous goods.

The advantages

Groupage is the most economical solution for all those small shipments that would not be enough to complete a load. There are many advantages, such as:

  • Workflow optimization;
  • Minimization of costs for delivery, packaging, warehousing services;
  • Limiting the risk of loss and damage;
  • Improving delivery time and loading and unloading operations.

Cargo Center Ltd. has the professionalism to process groupage shipments with the utmost care and reliability, both nationally and internationally.

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